Do you have enough to start the journey of self-employment? Our self-evaluation test will help you get a clear overview! 

Self-evaluation test

1. I am ready to learn about all the rules and laws of self-employment in Austria.

2. I‘m ready to take responsibility for my actions when they happen to be against the law.

3. I understand that I’m going to be responsible for finding customers and my financial liquidity.

4. I accept that as a self-employed person I have to pay for my own health insurance and retirement and I am willing to do that.

5. I prefer working on my own to working in a team/group.

6. I have already worked from home / a cafe /a co-working space.

7. There is not a big chance that the activity I will be doing as a self-employed person will quickly become boring to me. I am passionate about this project.

8. I have a reserve budget in case things go wrong.

9. I enjoy, or I am good at organizing and planning.

10. I don’t have big problems with maintaining focus and avoiding procrastination.

11. I would rather work regularly instead of putting things off to the last moment.

12. I am creative.

13. I don’t get easily distracted.

14. I have a plan to earn enough and achieve financial liquidity.

15. I like to take control over projects and work.

16. I prefer a flexible schedule to a fixed schedule.

17. I’m comfortable being a "decision-maker."

18. I’m rather spontaneous and enjoy being in new situations, and meeting new people.

19. I’m a rather disciplined person.

20. I easily adapt to new situations.

21. I won’t mind taking care of different types of tasks.

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