Guide for new self-employed

It’s a complete compendium about new self-employment in Austria explained by qualified professionals. It also includes valid laws for 2020 as well as practical advice from experienced freelancers.

The guide provides all you need to start your journey as new self-employed, it will lead you through decisions, help with setting everything up, and also prepare you to endure the ride. We don't only care that you avoid expensive penalties for forgetting to fill out the right forms at the right time but also that your business thrives and you become successful. We make sure that you know about all upcoming payments, obstacles, and changes in laws. We also share with you all the techniques that we know for staying organized and motivated. The guide will work perfectly combined with the free Advice Center section of our platform!

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List of topics that the upcoming guide explains in detail:

1. BEFORE GETTING STARTED - you will find out all known about the benefits and drawbacks of self-employment, what it really means, and whether it’s really something for you
2. TYPES OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT IN AUSTRIA - when it comes to social insurance law in Austria, there are different types of self-employment
3. REGISTRATION AS NEW-SELF-EMPLOYED - we will explain how to register at the Austrian Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution
4. TAXES & BOOKKEEPING - you will become an expert in taxes, deadlines, rates, bookkeeping & more. We will also explain when it makes sense to hire a tax advisor
5. INSURANCE - everything about the SVS, your health and accident insurance as well as retirement costs
6. INABILITY TO WORK AND INSURANCE COVERAGE - you will learn what to do to receive financial assistance & relief services in case of inability to work
7. INVOICES & CASH REGISTER - you will learn what an invoice has to include as well as about the obligation to obtain a cash register, when it applies and how to do it
8. CONTRACTS - we will discuss who needs a contract and what has to be included
9. OUTSOURCING - all the questions about hiring other professionals as a self-employed person will be answered
10. BOGUS SELF-EMPLOYMENT - the problem of false self-employment explained. How is it determined and how can one avoid it?
11. UNEMPLOYMENT - everything about unemployment coverage from the SVS
12. PREGNANCY & MATERNITY LEAVE - we will take a look at the insurance coverage the SVS offers in times of pregnancy, maternity, birth, and motherhood
13. CORONAVIRUS AID - the year 2020 was marked by the sudden outbreak of a pandemic. What to do if your business as self-employed was affected
14. PART-TIME VS FULL-TIME SELF-EMPLOYMENT - learn about the general requirements and differences in costs
15. SELF-EMPLOYMENT VS RESIDENCE PERMIT AND CITIZENSHIP - do I have chances for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship if I work fully as self-employed?
16. SELF-EMPLOYMENT & RENTING A FLAT - how to prove your creditworthiness to landlords and real estate agents?
17. SELF-EMPLOYMENT VS CREDIT CARD AND LOAN - learn about special requirements for new self-employed at Austrian banks
18. FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND COST REDUCTIONS - learn how to save money and limit costs
19. MOTIVATION & ORGANISATION - methods for gaining motivation and focus; introduction to top Austrian co-working spaces. Learn how to avoiding procrastination and stay organized

20. TERMINATION OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT - how to successfully end your relationship with the SVS and the Tax Office if you no longer want to work as a new self-employed in Austria? 

DICTIONARY - here you will find all important terms translated from German to English and from English to German
MORE HELP - information about companies, institutions, and individuals that will answer more of your questions related to self-employment in Austria 

The guide will be accessible as an ebook and a printed version, first in English, and soon after it will be also translated into other languages. 

About the authors

Miglena Hofer - a legal counsel and co-founder/co-CEO of The Collaboratory Coworking Space, as well as one of the lawyers behind the Vienna-based non-profit Austria for beginners which ensures that expats are well informed about their rights and provides advice about the administrative processes that must be legally followed upon arrival in Austria. In the guide, Miglena writes about all law-related new self-employment topics

Severina Ditzov - a legal counsel and co-founder/co-CEO of The Collaboratory Coworking Space, as well as one of the lawyers behind the Vienna-based non-profit Austria for beginners. In the guide, Severina writes about all law-related new self-employment topics.

Alexandra Kaspar - a personal and competent tax advisor who specializes in Austrian and cross-border self-employment as well as small- and medium-sized companies and private individuals. Alexandra is an expert in these topics: preparation and filing of tax returns, accounting, payroll services, and all matters related to the Austrian tax office. In the guide, Alexandra covers all tax- and bookkeeping-related topics

Marta Srebrakowska - an experienced self-employed with expertise in a variety of fields, from educational services to IT project management. Her research interests include topics related to self-employment in Austria. In addition to conceptualizing, planning, and designing the guide, she also shares her extensive experiences on its pages