Tax number in Austria

Tax number in Austria

Austria issues tax identification numbers to individuals based on their area of residence to identify taxpayers and facilitate national taxes. A tax number is necessary for filling out a tax return. The tax number in Austria can be assigned to a “natural” person as well as a “legal” person.

To apply for a tax number you have to fill out the form Verf 24  (Verf 24 in English) or the “Erklärungswechsel“ form in your Finanz Online account.

To create the account go to Finanz Online, the official portal of the Austrian Tax Office, select “Online Erstanmeldung” and provide all the required information. Within about ten business days, you should receive access data by mail - your Login, PIN, and password - to your Finanz Online account.

If you already have a Finanz Online account all you have to do is to select “Weitere Services” (more services) and chose “Erklärungswechsel“ (this form applies if you earn income from self-employment only). Please note that the physical form Verf 24 and the online form “Erklärungswechsel“ do not request the same information and it’s possible that the full form (Verf 24) may have to be submitted in order to fully disclose the relevant information (e.g. other income from employment, which cannot be disclosed through the online form).

On the basis of your information, the tax office decides whether you will be assessed for tax purposes, i.e. receive a tax number, or be kept on record. When filling out the forms you should pay special attention to the following fields: “estimated annual turnover in the following year”, “estimated profit in the opening year”, “estimated profit in the following year” and make sure that all the other personal data you provided are 100% correct.

After filing-out one of the forms mentioned above, you will receive your tax number by mail. If the notification is submitted electronically via FinanzOnline, you can expect an answer rather soon (after 5-10 days). If you don’t hear back within this timeframe, it is recommended to call the tax office and ask if they need more information. Naturally, if the form is submitted through normal mail, it will take longer, since physical mail needs to be scanned centrally and then distributed to the tax officer in charge.

To view the English version of Verf 24 click here

To view the English version of the Verf 19 (for entrepreneurs and companies located outside Austria - without domicile or a permanent establishment in Austria) click here 

Verf19 in the original German version

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