Work-life balance

Work-life balance

It’s not a secret that many self-employed people have trouble balancing their work and life. Some projects require constant attention and monitoring. Besides, there are always some administrative aspects to take care of, and all of this makes it difficult to disconnect. As a result, you focus most of your time on work while at the same time isolating yourself from your social life which might lead to depression, loneliness, anxiety.

With a little bit of time and structure, things can get easier. If you find yourself in this problematic situation, the most important change for you is to create clear boundaries between your work and private life:

1. Set working hours and stick to them.

2. Make sure that your customers know your working times and that you learn how to say "no" to all projects and communication that comes in after this time (unless there is a special situation).

3. Set a separate address for your business to separate the private mail from the business mail.

4. Get a separate phone number and mobile device to separate business calls from private calls.

5. Limit notifications from your business social media and email channels that leak into your private social media feed. You can always mute notifications and log out of the email box when you're done with work for the day.

6. Mute or turn off your business phone in your free time.

7. Plan the upcoming days and weeks - it will help you organize the time for work and other life goals. A great tool is the previously-mentioned, high-performance planner by Brendon Burchard that focuses not only on productivity at work but fulfilling life goals and finding time for hobbies and things you like. Again, it’s important to recharge mentally.

8. Be realistic about the time you assign to each task and you won’t end up working overtime.

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